Quiet Dreams, Upcoming Debut LP 2018

Puppets EP, March 2017

Origami Man (exclusive digital release for newsletter subscribers)

Hearing Trees

Hearing Trees is a Winnipeg-based independent rock band. Their musical vision continues to evolve and as they continue to extensively tour, write and grow as artists & musicians.

Artist Brand Evolution & Artwork
I had the opportunity to design cover art for: an exclusive digital release for “Origami Man”; their Puppets EP released in March 2017; and their debut LP, Quiet Dreams, set to be released in 2018.

“The group’s lush, layered brand of ambient and anxious rock is built atop a foundation inspired by genre stalwarts like R.E.M., Matthew Good, and The Tragically Hip and tinged with the more modern and atmospheric musings of Wintersleep and The National. Coupled with sometimes cryptic, always captivating poetry, Hearing Trees offers a true masterclass in sweet-sounding catharsis.”

Album art, illustration, custom type, brand evolution
Music, Print, Digital Media