OBJEKT©International was first published in Dutch in 1991. It continues to be a title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art & antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture.

For two consecutive years, I helped design & build the OBJEKT exhibitor booths at Vancouver Convention Centre West alongside Amelia Sissons.

Our representation for the magazine became a search for elegance in upcycling, inspired by the most beautiful shape of all — the circle.

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Gold (2012)
Milk crates are stacked to form different surfaces (from storage to seating) and gold-sprayed lids make up an elegant logo feature wall.

Collaborators: Lucy Liu, Mike Lukowski and Amelia Sissons. (

Tubular (2013)
Armed with all reclaimed, varying sizes of cardboard tubes we could find, we took a minimalist approach and built modular elements. There is some ambient lighting, a wall divider for storage, as well as display stands for subscription prices, cards, and recent/rare issues for sale.

Collaborators: Amelia Sissons, Emily Warkentin and Siri Hermanski (

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Concept development, artist, exhibitor representative.
OBJEKT International
2012 & 2013
Spatial design